January 2013

Nicole’s Maternity Session | 36 Weeks

This is Nicole,  35 weeks pregnant with her first baby and just look how beautiful she is.  Absolutely glowing to say the least 🙂

I first photographed Nicole at her wedding 3 years ago, so it was a great pleasure to photograph this next milestone in her life.

I look forward to lots of cuddles with baby in March!

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

Lucy 6 Days | Newborn Session

Meet Lucy.

I have to say photographing Lucy made me somewhat a little clucky.  How could you not, just look at that head of hair and those gorgeous lips.

Lucy almost slept her way through the whole session, and when awake she was very content and happy….the perfect package.

Prudie and Steve…a huge thank you and congratulations again.  Please enjoy the sneak peak.

Photo-a-day 2013 | Day 7

Catching up on some sleep.  Poor Rhys is recovering from a gastro virus.

Photo-a-day 2013 | Day 6

Modelling her new dress




Photo-a-day 2013 | Day 5

Our family from Wales arrived last night.

After a long day swimming in the pool and sweltering heat, the kids finally settled for the evening with their i-Pads.

Although living a world a-part, these cousins were instantly best friends.


Photo-a-day 2013 | Day 4

I gave them a free play pass this morning (all in the name of photography) – spinning each other around was shortly followed by jumping off the lounge, ‘those’ saved for another day 🙂






Photo-a-day 2013 | Day 3

Dad quickly handed him the Ford car as soon as the box was opened on Christmas morning.

Yes, I think Rhys is going to be a Ford supporter…and Dad is going to make sure of that.



Photo-a-day 2013 | Day 2

This is Rhys, 4 years old (almost 5 he’ll tell you), loves anything the colour blue and is starting Kindergarten in February.  He has such a wonderful nature about him, but there is a cheeky side as well 🙂



Photo-a-day 2013 | Day 1


Everyday, for the entire month of January, I will post a photo of my children.

This year I hope to complete my project with no major holidays planned for January.  Although, there may be the odd day where I may be late posting a photo due to family arriving shortly from overseas.

So today I’m beginning with my eldest, Miss Abby, who is 8 years old and is growing more beautiful everyday.


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